The Genova San Giorgio Bridge has become a reality.
It has also become a symbol of remembrance and hope for the revival of the city of Genoa and the entire country.

We are proud to have built this important project, applying all of our expertise, commitment and heart for Genoa #PerGenova and for Italy.

Spazio Ponte

The Spazio Ponte aimed to be a place of dialogue and participation. Just like Genoa’s Lanterna, the tallest lighthouse in the Mediterranean, offers a unique view of the seas, Spazio Ponte has been a lens focused on the Genova San Giorgio Bridge.
Spazio Ponte was active from October 2019 to September 2020. During the lockdown period caused by the COVID-19 emergency, it has been transformed into a digital infopoint, continuing to be a reference point for all those who want information on the construction site and the project.
spazio ponte 900