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Works to begin on pile 5 as well

Works on the building site continue: the area to work on pile number 5, where the digging of the poles is to start, is being prepared this week. The building site set-up on pile number 10 has begun, to be followed by those for the foundation poles.

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The construction site is currently covering all the areas available on the East side

The coverage of all the available areas on the East side has been completed, following the installation of the pile number 10 towards via Perlasca.

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The construction works on the east side have just started

The construction works on the east side started last week, with the laying of the 14 foundation poles for pile number 11. Indeed, there isn’t anything of the remaining part of the former viaduct that has to be demolished in this area.

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Works are going on on the foundations of the pile 6

While the preparatory activities started in the past weeks with the aim of making the areas of the construction site viable, the actual construction of the new bridge does not stop at the foot of the viaduct on the Polcevera river.

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The construction of the new bridge has begun

The construction of the new bridge over the Polcevera river started with the pole for the stack number 6 being drilled underground.

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The Commissioner approved the level 1 executive design project on Friday, April 5th

After improving the test-pole operation and adding the drilling in the test stress, the Commisioner signed the approvement decree on Friday, April 5th .

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Preliminary works to build the bridge have started

Preliminary works to make the worksite that will rise at the feet of the Polcevera viaduct fit for use, have started, and in advance, compared to the schedule shared with the commissioner.