Genoa -

October 1, 2019 - Launch at height of the first deck

On 1 October, the first deck of the new bridge will be lifted: it will be possible to follow the livestreamed event, from 9.30 am, on, on the Facebook page of PERGENOVA, and at the Spazio Ponte di Porta Siberia.

The first 50 meters of steel of the new bridge will be lifted on Tuesday morning, and will be located between Pier 5 and Pier 6, which in recent months have grown to about 50 meters high. This will be the first of the 19 spans that will make up the entire work. A key event in the stages towards the complete construction of the viaduct that will reconnect Genoa to the Country: finally, the bridge enters the landscape of the Val Polcevera.

At the same time, the Spazio Ponte – a place for citizens, where everyone will have the possibility to follow the progress of the construction works, learning something more about the construction site and the construction processes – will be inaugurated in the old heart of Genoa, at the Porto Antico.