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New Genoa Bridge: the 100-meter maxi-deck has been raised above the Polcevera stream 650 meters of the bridge can already be seen on the skyline

Genoa, March 10 — This morning/this afternoon, the second 100-metre steel maxi-span of the new Genoa Bridge has been raised. The new bridge is the infrastructure that will once again connect the city to the Country, and its construction has been entrusted to PERGENOVA, the joint venture formed by Fincantieri Infrastructure of the Fincantieri Group and Salini Impregilo.

The huge stretch of deck over the Polcevera stream has been raised today between Pier 9 and Pier 10, the eleventh raising in the construction site in 5 months. About 2,000 tons of steel have been raised at a height of almost 40 metres, which make 650 meters of the bridge visible over the Genoese skyline, well over half the entire length of the new work.  

The dimensions of the steel structure has implied the use of special equipment — the strand jacks, — which ensure the raising of the span at a speed of 5 meters/hour, but also special preparatory operations due to the peculiar positioning of the deck, astride the Polcevera stream. In fact, It had been necessary to intervene directly in the riverbed in order to create, and then restore in the last few days following the bad weather conditions, the artificial island that supported the trolleys for the movement of the deck. These operation proceed at full speed, in compliance with the precautions and safety measures for worker, and include up to 600 people in the construction site at peak times, and over 1,000 if we also consider contractors. A shared commitment on several parallel activities: from the assembly of the spans on the ground, to the operations on the decks already raised for the assembly of the plants and for the grinding of the accessory components such as casings, veils and prestressed floor slabs.

“In such a difficult moment for the whole of Italy,” Alberto Maestrini, president of PERGENOVA, has said, “I want to thank all those who, working tirelessly, have made possible this new goal in the construction of the bridge, giving once again a concrete testimony of the capabilities of the Italian industry.”

“An operation of the highest symbolic value, which brings the return of the new bridge to the citizens closer and closer. The tireless work of the 600 people involved shows that Genoa and the whole of Italy have never given up, and that they always find the strength to react,” Nicola Meistro, CEO of PERGENOVA, has said. “A strength which comes from the spirit of collaboration and the sense of responsibility that Italians are showing even now.”


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PERGENOVA S.C.p.A. is the joint stock company set up by Fincantieri Infrastructure and Salini Impregilo for the design and construction of the Polcevera viaduct of the A10 motorway. The joint venture represents a model of collaboration between large complementary companies, with the aim of providing the city and the country with a unique know-how built on years of global experience.


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