Genoa -

The construction site activities for Piers 17 and 18 have started on the East side The steel segments for the third span are coming

The site is active on both sides, and progress is being made in the construction of the works as the areas are made available as a result of the demolition activities.
To date, while work is being madre on the first Piers that will support the new "Per Genova" bridge, the first two spans are being assembled on the ground, while the steel segments that will make up the third will arrive in Genoa this week.

This week on the east side, the construction site preparation activities for Piers 17 and 18 started: these are all those preparatory activities for the development of the area in order to start the construction of the subfoundations. Furthermore, work is being done on the foundations of Pier 10 and of the abutment B, while work on the plinth of Pier 11 has been completed.

On the west side, the assembly of the metal deck continues, as well as the work for the rising of Piers 5, 6 and 9, for the construction of the plinths of Piers 2 and 7, while the building of the poles of Pier 8 has been finished.

The construction site, with the exclusion of a minute of silence to he held on Wednesday, August 14, on the occasion of the commemoration ceremony, will not stop on August 15, and work will be done continuously day and night.


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