Genova -

The construction works on the east side have just started

The construction works on the east side started last week, with the laying of the 14 foundation poles for pile number 11. Indeed, there isn’t anything of the remaining part of the former viaduct that has to be demolished in this area.
The construction site is therefore currently open on both sides.

In the meantime, the foundation works on the west side for the 11 poles of pile number 6 have been completed. Each pile is drilled into the ground and its external surfaces are supported by bentonite mud walls. Then, a steel cage is dropped in each pile, to be filled with concrete casting, which defines the structure of the pile itself.

The construction works for the 15 foundation poles of the pile number 9 have just begun on the west side as well, thanks to the completion of the wartime munition reclamation activity.



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