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The eighth span of the new bridge has been raised / The bridge is back over the road: the eighth span of the new bridge has been raised

Today, in the construction site of the new bridge, the eighth span has been raised between Piers 13 and 14, at a height of about 40 meters. The deck measures 50 meters, with a weight of 480 tons, including the 2 side casings. The bridge has thus reached a total length of 400 metres. It is the first deck to cross over the road, outside the construction site area. It was therefore also necessary to close via Fillak, in order to allow the preparatory operations to be carried out safely.

In the meantime, the other works continue at a rapid pace. This week, the segment of Pier P9 adjacent to Corso 30 Giugno has been completely raised. On the West side, the raising of Pier 1 and Abutment A has been completed, and the activation phase of the sub-foundations and the foundation of the plinth of the provisional Tower C has begun.

On the East side, on the other hand, the assembly of the head of Pier 10 continues. Once the work on Pier 13 has been completed, the raising of Piers 12 and 17 and of Abutment B,where the completion of the walls supporting the ground over the abutment is expected, is continuing. Work on the ground is also prosecuting with the assembly of spans 10-11,12-13 and 16-17.

In the meantime, on the ramp connecting to the A7, the lowering at height and the execution of the foundation piles of Abutment A, the raising of Pier 2 and the construction of the curb of the bulkhead of Pier 3 for the subsequent lowering excavation for the execution of the foundation plinth continues. The foundations of Pier 1 have been completed, and the plinth is now being built.


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