Genoa -

The first span of 2020 has been installed for the new bridge. The sixth section of the deck has been raised, and the twelfth Pier has been finished.

The construction site of the new bridge in Genoa opens the year 2020 with the raising of the sixth span this afternoon between Pier 3 and Pier 4. Raised to a height of about 40 metres, the new section of deck is 50 metres long and weighs a total of 510 tonnes, including the four side carters. Thus, 300 metres are now visible, 250 of which are consecutive, of the new infrastructure that will once again connect Genoa to Liguria and the entire Country.

In the meantime, work on the construction site does not stop: Pier 11 has been completed, the twelfth out of a total of 18 planned.

On the East, the raising of Pier 10 and Pier 16 continues, while that of Pier 17 has begun, while work on Pier 13, involved in the accident on December 31, will resume over the weekend once the checks still in progress are finished. On the ground, on the construction site, the assembly of spans 10-11, 13-14, 15-16 and 16-17 continues. Meanwhile, on the ramp connecting to the A7, work continues on the foundation piles of abutment A and Piers 1 and 3, while the construction of the crowning beams of Pier 2 has begun.

On the West, instead, work continues on the raising of abutment A, the plinth of Pier 1 and the raising of Pier 2, while the assembly of span SPA-P1, 8-9, 9-10 continues on the ground.

Three heavy load transports to the East shipyard are scheduled for this week, involving a total of nine steel blocks and one Pier block.

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