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The new bridge of Genoa. The first 100-meter deck raised today as the last Pier is completed

Genoa, February 13 — The first of the 3 100-metre decks of the new Genoa bridge was erected today; the construction of the infrastructure was entrusted to PERGENOVA, a joint venture by Salini Impregilo and Fincantieri Infrastructure of the Fincantieri Group. Work is proceeding in parallel with the final sprint to complete the last of the 18 Piers, concrete giants in some cases more than 40 metres high and which, including the foundations, can be compared to a skyscraper of around 90 metres. With today’s raising, 9 spans have been already raised, 2 of which in the last 5 days only, bringing the total length of the bridge to 500 meters (out of 1,067). The operations made it possible to raise a 94-metre long steel structure, weighing 1,800 tonnes, to a height of over 40 metres between Pier 8 and Pier 9. The span has been raised thanks to the use of special equipment, the strand jacks, which in optimal weather conditions ensure the deck to be raised at a speed of 5 meters per hour. Together with the span, the 14 casings, the “wings of the bridge” (7 for the side facing the sea, 7 for the side facing the mountain), the predalles, i.e., the slabs used for the concrete casting, and the relative reinforcement of the slab have also been raised. The completion side wings will also be mounted on the structure before the raising, and not after the raising as is the case for the 50-metre spans.

“In less than a week, the bridge has grown another 200 meters,” Alberto Maestrini, president of PERGENOVA, has commented, “with the incessant work of these months we have shown that we know how to meet the commitments made with this city and the country, always working in compliance with safety and quality. Seeing more than half of the bridge on the horizon today makes us feel closer to winning the challenge we have been entrusted, but we maintain all our commitment to deliver a state-of-the-art infrastructure, beautiful to see and safe to cross.”

Pergenova’s CEO Nicola Meistro spoke of excellence in construction and great teamwork, inside and outside the construction site. “This unique work, which would normally be done in three years, is being built under the eyes of everyone in record time, thanks to teamwork between companies and institutions that row in the same direction for a single goal: putting a sustainable infrastructure at the service of the city, demonstrating the success of the ‘Made in Italy’ we are exporting all over the world and that we are proud to live in Italy.”

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