Genoa -

The second deck to the East is being raised. 7 spans of the new bridge have already been raised

This morning, the second span on the East side, between Pier 15 and Pier 16, have been raised on the new bridge site. Raised to a height of about 40 meters, the section measures 50 meters for a total weight of 520 tons, including the 4 side casings. There are therefore seven decks now visible on the Genoese skyline, for a total length of 350 metres. The new span, in fact, has been added to the 6 already positioned, and to the 13 Piers raised out of the total of 19 planned. At the same time as the deck, the side casing of the segment of Pier 6 on the West side has also been raised.

In the meantime, other work is also continuing on site. On the West side, the construction of the micro-piles of Pier 2 has begun, and the Raising of Abutment A and Pier 1, the lower one — which will reach a height of 20 metres against the 50 metres of the others — continues. Then, the head segment of Pier 9 will be raised. Furthermore, the other side casings of spans 4-5, 6-7, and 7-8, will be raised as well.

On the East, work has begun on the raising of Pier 12 and Abutment B, and work continues for Piers 10, 16 and 17. Work will also proceed on the restoration of Pier 13, and work for its raising is also expected to proceed. Finally, work is also continuing on the ground with the assembly of the spans to be raised between Piers 12-13, and 16-17, while the ground assembly of span 13-14 has been completed. Meanwhile, on the ramp connecting to the A7, work is beginning on the micro-piles of Pier 1 and the crowning beam of Piers 1 and 3, as well as on the raising of Pier 2.

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