Genoa -

Work is being done on the second span and on the rising of a new Pier on the West

Incessant work on the construction of the new viaduct continues. Two new activities are to start this week: the assembly of the second steel span and the rising of a new Pier.

In particular, after the second load of steel sections that will make up the second span arrived by sea this week, in the pre-assembly area set up in the west site the assembly of the deck continues on the ground, with welding and bolting. Also to the west, the operations for the rising of a new Pier – the number 6 – are to start, while those of the Piers 5 and 9 continue. In addition, work continues on the plinth of Pier 7 and on the execution of the piles of Pier 8.

To the east, instead, work will begin this week on the pile bulkhead of bridge abutment B and the sub-foundations of Pier 10, while work will continue on the plinth of Pier 11.

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