Genoa -

Work on foundations, piers and deck continue to the west, while preparations for a bridge abutment begins to the east

Work on the new bridge progresses: to the west, work on the raising of Pier 9 continues, while work on the plinths for Pier 4 and Pier 6 is complete. Work on the plinths for Pier 2 and Pier 7 and on the piles of Pier 8 has begun. The first span of the deck is being assembled, while the steel sections that will make up the second span will arrive at the construction site this week.

To the east, preparatory work has started near bridge abutment B in the area cleared of the rubble of the Morandi Bridge. Near the east bank of the Polcevera, work on the plinth for Pier 11 and piles for Pier 10 have begun.

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