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PERGENOVA: the building of the first concrete foundation has started, the construction of the new bridge for Genoa moves into high gear

Genoa, 25th June 2019 – Today, the building of the first concrete foundation of the new Bridge on the Polcevera river, built by PERGENOVA, a joint venture between Salini Impregilo and Fincantieri Infrastructure, has started. The event wasattended by the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Danilo Toninelli, the Governor of the Liguria Region and Delegate Commissioner for the Morandi bridge emergency, Giovanni Toti, and the Extraordinary Commissioner for the Reconstruction, Marco Bucci, welcomed by the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Nicola Meistro.
The pouring of the concrete, which marks a key moment in the construction of the bridge and Genoa’s race towards the future, also marks the start of construction of Pier - or column - 9 in the west area of the construction site, immediately next to the Polcevera. “Today, we are moving the activities into high gear,” commented Alberto Maestrini, President of PERGENOVA, “and the real challenge now begins for us, for the high-quality and high-safety construction of an extraordinary work, while ensuring the respect of an extremely challenging time schedule. This is why we will rely on what we know best to do, work with determination, competence and responsibility, facing the difficulties and solve them every day, relying on the experience of our shareholders, Fincantieri Infrastructure and Salini Impregilo. The work is extremely complex, but we are guided by the awareness of the responsibility to give back to Genoa an essential infrastructure, and to show the country and the world our ability to team up, in virtuous cooperation between public and private, to achieve extraordinary results.” Maestrini concludes: “I particularly wish to express special thanks to the Commissioner, who has always been at our side at all times, and to his team, with whom we are working well.”
Pending the end of the demolition, the activities for the piersand the deck have therefore begun, in compliance with the progression of the works. “The construction site has been working incessantly for months, occupying day after day every metre of available area,” said Nicola Meistro, CEO of PERGENOVA, “and, if until yesterday we have worked on the foundation piles and plinth reinforcements with pressing operations which were actually invisible from the outside, from today on the progress of construction of the viaduct will be clearly visible, the new bridge will begin to show itself to the city to become part of the territory in a tangible way. We have implemented the best of our Italian know-how and all the experience gained in creating great works all around the world.” Then, the CEO concluded: “Our goal is to deliver to the city and the people of Genoa a bridge that is not only solid and safe, with cutting-edge technologies, but also beautiful and eco-sustainable, which could become the symbol of a new phase of development of the territory and of a new way of making infrastructures that are essential for the growth of Italy.”