A permanent, interactive and multimedia exhibition in Genoa’s “Porto Antico”

Located in the old heart of Genoa, at Porta Siberia, Spazio Ponte is a meeting and information point dedicated to the new bridge, where it is possible to learn the technical characteristics of the work, admire the model tested in the wind tunnel, measure oneself against digital reconstructions of the infrastructure, practice in the laboratories, immerse oneself in the construction site following the images taken from the drones, discover how to build a bridge.
The Spazio Ponte is a place open to the public and to anyone who wants to learn more about the work, another door to enter the site, but also a space for collaboration between citizens and the administration, for the exchange of ideas in meetings where it is possible to share the future of sustainable infrastructure and mobility.

With free entry to the public from Tuesday to Sunday, it also hosts school and university visits, which allow students to know more about infrastructure. PERGENOVA technical staff, during visits, accompanied the students in their discovery of the new bridge that is being built, by explaining the project, the materials used and its various phases.