The new bridge will have to be simple and parsimonious, but not trivial. It will look like a ship moored in the valley; a light and bright steel bridge. It will reflect the sunlight during the day and absorb solar energy to return it at night. It will be a sober bridge, respecting the character of the Genoese.

Renzo Piano


METERS, the length of the continuous steel deck of the bridge


number of elliptical PIERS made of reinforced concrete


number of SPANS in the continuous steel deck

Main construction works of the new bridge for Genoa

Technical description

The new bridge will have a continuous steel deck measuring 1067 metres, with 19 spans, divided as follows:

14 spans
of steel-concrete, measuring 50 metres

3 spans
of steel-concrete, measuring 100 metres
1 span
in steel-concrete measuring 40.9 metres near the Eastern side, to avoid interferences with the piles of the old Morandi Bridge
1 span
in steel-concrete measuring 26.27 metres near the Eastern side, to avoid interferences with the piles of the old Morandi Bridge

A steel-concrete ramp measuring approximately 110 metres with three archways will be connected to the deck.

The project comprises 18 elliptical piers made of reinforced concrete with a constant outline for their entire height.

These piles are created using climbing formworks with 4.5m-pitch.

The external dimensions of 9.00 x 3.00 metres are identical both for the 50 and 100 metre spans. This choice brings many advantages with it. One of these is the perspective uniformity of the structure, the speed of the work being carried out due to the need of using only one type of external formwork and to the fact that the inside of the pile is made with a mono-cellular caisson.

The deck will be made from a steel-concrete mixed structure. The overall height of the steel metalwork will reach 4.3 metres at the deck's central section. Two double carriageways are foreseen for each direction, besides the emergency lane. The Bridge's border will feature a protective wind-proof barrier that integrates a photovoltaic energy supply system.

The project's geometrical features, emphasized by the foreseen lighting system, consolidate the wish to reduce the infrastructure's physical presence in the Polcevera Valley.

Technical data

The numbers of the main deck


steel reinforcement

steel metalwork


  • Photovoltaic system
  • Technological building structure to supervise all systems, at a centralized level
  • Air-dehumidification within the bridge’s metal deck to avoid corrosion
  • Robot to structurally inspect the Bridge and to carry out ordinary maintenance activities of the solar and acoustic panels